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Payment Problems
  • Can I call any landline phone for free?
    No, it is not free. Not yet at least. The FreePP App will automatically ask whether you want to switch your call to regular GSM mode when trying to reach a non-FreePP number. In this case, the phone call will be charged by the telecom company you signed up with.
    Are FreePP services totally free?
    Yes. Talk, message, group chat or send images all for free! In the FreePP world communication is for free! You can access it via Wi-Fi or 3G.
Installation Problems
  • Why registration fails? but worked before?
    For security reasons, there is a limit on the total number of confirmation texts one can receive per day. If you have already exceeded the limit, please try again in 24 hours.
    I have problems with the App (i.e.: It is shutting down automatically). What should I do?
    If you're experiencing problems with the download of the App or it doesn't work properly, it is possible that the FreePP App design is not compatible with you phone's hardware. If this happens, let us know the model of your device and the version of your operating system. We are dedicated to solving any problems you may have, so you can enjoy FreePP with your friends and family.
    Why did I receive a confirmation code?
    Once you've downloaded the FreePP App, you will receive a confirmation code, which let's us know that you are the real owner of the mobile phone number you have registered. If you experience any trouble regarding the confirmation code, please contact us via service@freepp.com.
    Why haven't I received a confirmation code?
    Check your internet connection. In the settings menu of your smartphone make sure that your device can receive bulk SMS. Alternatively, you can opt for a callback confirmation to activate FreePP. For security reasons, there is a limit on the total number of confirmation texts one can receive per day. If you have already exceeded the limit, please try again in 24 hours.
    How can I received a new confirmation code?
    There are two options displayed when the system asks you to input the confirmation code. One option is to received the code in a text form, the second is a callback.
    After receiving the confirmation code, where should I type it?
    For Android systems, the confirmation code is input automatically. If you keep the "insert confirmation code" page displayed long enough, the App will automatically read the confirmation code and complete the registration process, so you don't have to type in the code manually.
    Why can't I download the App?
    A failed download may be a result of an unstable internet connection. Try using a Wi-Fi access to download the App. If the download problems remain, visit the Play Store (Android) or Apple Store and try again.
    Can I install FreePP on a SD memory card?
    Not yet, but we are working hard on bringing you this option as soon as possible.
Use Problems
  • Why can't I synchronize my contacts or why some of my contacts do not display the FreePP symbol in my contact list when they should?
    These problems may occur due to the server being too busy. You can try refreshing the contact list or simply add new contacts ¨manually¨ through FreePP's menu interface. Also make sure your contacts include the correct country code (e.g.: +886)
    How can I change my contacs' profile pictures?
    The profile pictures of your contacts in the FreePP APP are synchronized with your phone's contact list. To change an individual profile picture, simply change it in your phone's contact list.
    How can I make international calls?
    Make sure you use the correct country code. This number should start with either "+" or "00"(e.g.: +886 or 00886). Then add the correct area code and finally the contact's number itself. For instance, to call a friend in China, you need to dial 0086 (China's country code). The entire number may look like this: 0086 213 430 8182.
Other Problems
  • What are the platforms that FreePP can work on?
    FreePP Mobile works on versions of " Android OS 2.1 ""Windows Mobile 7" and " iPhone OS 4.2 ", and their upgrades.
    Does FreePP support multiple languages?
    FreePP is currently available in 3 languages: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese. The language of the interface is synchronized with the language setup of your mobile device. If your selected language is not yet available, the App will automatically switch to English.
    Does FreePP work on FreePP MPES, Box and Softphone (PC version)?
    Not yet. FreePP currently works for those users who install FreePP on their smartphone or tablet with internet access or purchase the TalkFree Box. But let us know if you'd like us to integrate it with FreePP MPES or Softphones too!